#4 – The Magic Of Putting People Before Business – Victoria Taylor

Show Notes

Victoria share’s her experiences of Disney and what has inspired her to create a business model focused on people first. By putting people first, creating experiences and memories with her clients, she is able to grow a successful business as a result.

Don’t think business, think people. Focus on making people feel good.

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In today’s show:

We discuss using the senses when creating customer experiences.

Share how Disney allows adults to experience the magic they thought they lost as a child.

Express our wonder how every tiny detail well thought through by Disney thus setting the tone.

Lee’s mind blows a little at the money that they must spend. Disney are always investing in the experiences and the little details.

Discuss experiences of magic bands, and how they add to your enjoyment on Disney property.

Using connecting with people as a way of plussing their experiences.

Don’t think business, think people… Victoria share one of her favourite quotes:

Whatever you do, do it so well that well people see you do it they will want to come back again to see you do it and they will bring other people to see you do it.

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