#8 – Making People Feel Special And Welcome – Lucy Hall

Show Notes

The Social Media Planner 2018:

Grab Lucy’s planner and get prepared to rock your social media next year!:



Lucy shares her story of creating an ecommerce website and applying her past marketing experience to social media.

The story of how she had 100s over orders over night when she went viral.

The evolution of her “Social Day” event.

How she applies Disney inspired experiences to ensure people feel special and welcome at her event. She goes above and beyond.

Keeping conversations going through creating community online.

Video is the best way to show people what something is like. You can see what the atmosphere might be like or how it feels to be there.

Creating personality through animation. The team at social day did not want to pretend to be people they were not, so through art and animation they were able to create a character that symbolises the show.

Lucy shares her thoughts behind her Social Media Planner and how she chose the cover :).

Following Disney’s example on social media and ensuring we plan activities online for special seasons.

We go off topic…. well ON topic as it is still Disney…. we talk our favourite movies and Lee start singing.

Then we go onto toys and memories of McDonalds Disney toys!!!

Lee wishes Winnie The Pooh worked in his call centre.

We ponder robots taking over the world, which gets darker and we talk about how a lot of the Disney movies can get quite scary.

Connect with Lucy:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LucysHall

Social day: http://socialday.co.uk/

Social Media Planner: https://avvisomedia.lpages.co/social-media-content-planner/

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