#6 – Learning The Disney Way Of Doing Business – Walt Spence

Show Notes

Walt Spence’s business journey has been heavily inspired by the Disney company especially the book, “The Disney Way“. He shares some of the key principles that have inspired him along the way.

Walt Spence – Tweetable Bio:
Entrepreneur, founder, developer; Former founder of enlab and founder of niftypixel co and believer in magic. 🙂

The Disney Way Book:


In this show:

Lee’s top tip for building a cheap Disney movie collection.

Marvelling how Disney create hype.

Discussing how the Disney Vault works, and not that other businesses have copied this style of supply and demand economics.

More information on the Disney Vault:


The flat model approach to team.

Supporting and empowering employees.

Story boarding everything you can, for example processes and more. Visualization of notes/processes vs pages of text.

Aligning goals with long term bigger picture.

Seeking win win opportunities with vendors/suppliers. Don’t always go for the short term wins.

Taking care of other people, giving your employees the best opportunities to succeed in life.

Moving with the times.

Walt, defines magic as a high level of execution of someones craft.

Empathy with your customers.

Connect with Walt:

Website: http://waltspence.com

Twitter: @waltspence

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