#3 – Customer Service At Walt Disney World – Nick Bostic

Show Notes

Nick Bostic is an online marketer who lives and works in Orlando Florida, minutes from the Walt Disney Resort.

Note this was an experiment recording live from Epcot. I think we need to invest in better outdoor audio, however the content is well worth the listen. Enjoy…

In today’s show:

Find out why Nick travelled across the country to live so close do Disney.

Customer service lessons he applies to his own work.

We go on to unpack how the free buttons in the park are like a realtime CRM system to enable cast members to facilitate an even better custom experience.

Nick compares experiences of staff, and environments at other parks vs his Disney Experiences.

Deep dive into the importance of delighting your customers, and examples of how Disney achieve this through the magic of process.

Discover what Disney do well with immersive experiences around their parks and resorts that you want to keep coming back and experience. Nick describes was Disney go above and beyond to “plus” these experiences. As well as the genius of hidden Mickeys

Connect With Nick:

Website – http://nickbostic.com/


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