#7 – Don’t Be Afraid To Change – Mark Asquith

Show Notes

When Disney bought Star Wars, they made the huge decision to change everything. What was canon became “Star Wars Legends” opening up new and exciting options for Disney to explore. We all know what happened next, record breaking box office takings.

Happiness in business is vital, when Mark Asquith evaluated where he was, he realised he needed to make massive changes. We unpack his own story and take inspiration from Walt and the Disney Company, that we can apply in our own businesses.

In this show:

Lee and Mark talk Star Wars and the Disney takeover.

Discuss how Disney revamp themselves to make the best experience for their visitors. They change every year but the outcome remains the same.

Creating that seemless experiences.

Marvell at how Disney has opened up to a whole new demographic and are appealing to the newer generation with the content they create e.g Star Wars.

Key thoughts: Don’t be afraid to stop if something doesn’t fit in your vision.

Key thoughts: Be pragmatic and go for it, if it works can it be better? Can you give people more of what they want.

Key thoughts: It’s all in the marketing these days, do what you want to do and you will find people that love it.

Key thoughts: People don’t know what they want until you give it to them. Believe in what you offer, don’t be afraid of what you think, failure is not in change, not following through with your vision is.

Key thoughts: Happiness is key. Only if you love that industry then can you thrive in it.

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